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Healing and Teaching for 30 years

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Integrated Energy Healing

Healing Techniques include;

- Chakra Balance
- Relationship Cords
- Hara Healing
- Emotional Clearing
- Astral Clearing
- Inner Child
- Soul Retrieval
- Auric Surgery
- Organ Regeneration
- Sound & Resonance

Brennan Healing Science ®

Barbara Brennan has been a major influence on the global healing movement. She is the author of some of the most widely read and referenced books on the subject -  Hands of Light® and Light Emerging.

I was one of the first people in the UK to graduate from the four year programme at  The Barbara Brennan School of Healing ®  (USA)

Distance Healing


Many of my clients live in all corners of the world. Europe, America, Australia, Asia and all over the UK.

Consultations are conducted via voice or video call, and then the treatment is done from a distance. This is very helpful for those who live remotely or are house bound.



Since starting practice in 1987 I've worked in a wide variety of situations including Children's Clinics, Nursing Homes, Hospice, Addiction Centre, supervising Student Clinics and Teaching Hospitals (India)

Consultations can also include  Naturopathic Advise about Diet, Medicinal Herbs, Flower Remedies, Food Supplements and Detox.

Marc is a very knowledgeable homeopath and healer.

He has helped me through significant

transformations in my life,

and has always advised me with integrity and respect.

Dr Agnies Calkoen, GP

‘He is a man of great integrity,

deep compassion and sharp intuition.

My life and health have been utterly

transformed by his healing and support.’

Jan - administrator

‘When I consulted Marc for Homeopathy and Healing the results were almost immediate.

I am absolutely delighted that my health has made such a vast improvement in such a short time.’

Claire (Scotland) - Medical Herbalist

After the healing I felt more present, energetic and rooted. Within a few days there was no more nausea or dizziness or anxiety. I was sleeping through the night, and the heart flickering was almost gone.

Full of gratitude for the care, the attention, the love, the depth. The capacity to listen, to embrace, the presence.

Nirava (Italy) - Dance Teacher

I am happy to tell you, that after only one healing there is quite a lot of improvement with the (bladder) prolapse.

It’s at least 50% better – something I just couldn’t have imagined would happen!

I can now walk and pick things up without pain.

Sue  (retired)

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