The Aura or Human Energy Field


The Aura, or Human Energy Field, can be understood as consisting of both structured and fluid layers. The structured layers are like containers in which the fluid flows.


The structured aspects hold the patterns through which form is created. This patterning comes into us through family and society, and leads us to form our beliefs out of which we create our lives and our experience of the world. The structured levels become distorted from limited concepts, and damaged through the knocks of life.


The fluid aspect is the flow of our vitality or chi, as well as emotional energy. When emotions are repressed the energy goes into forming blockages in the energy field. This is often due to unresolved past traumatic events.


The 7 Levels of the Aura


Aura or Human Energy Field


Etheric Level includes the meridians and acupuncture points. This subtle body is a structured web of energy that maintains the health of our physical body.

Emotional Level is composed of clouds of emotional energy. Emotional suppression creates stagnation and blockages in the energy field.

Mental Level is where we hold our thought forms. Thinking does not only happen in the brain, each cell in our body is conditioned by the thoughts we have.

Astral Level is an emotional body where we hold memories of all past experiences. The Akashic records. This carries an imprint or conditioning that determines how we perceive reality. Especially in the way that we relate to others and the world around us.

Template Level holds our personal Truth. The perfect alignment of Sacred Geometry.

Celestial Level is unconditional Love for ourselves and others. When our conscious awareness is here we are filled with love for all of creation.

The Causal Level is our divine Wisdom. The serenity of knowing that all is just perfect the way that it is.



 The Chakras





Chakra is a sanskrit word that means 'spinning wheel of light'. In modern language we would say Vortex of Light. Like water going down a plug hole it spins down to a point.


The chakras are the energetic organs through which we exchange energy, or communicate, with the world around us. Similar to breathing air in and out of the lungs, we are continually drawing the energy around us into our energy field, and sending our own energy out to the world. In this way we are in intimate relationship with our environment, and the people around us.


There are said to be 10,000 chakras associated with the human body. This is a metaphorical number - but there are many. There are chakras at every orifice, joint and acupuncture point on the body. But all of these are 'sub-chakras' of the 7 Major Chakras that are located along the spine


Each of these primary chakras feeds energy to particular organs and glands. There are also different aspects of consciousness that are experienced through these energy centres.


The lower three chakras - Root or Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus relate to our primal, animal consciousness. The upper three - Throat, Brow and Crown correspond to higher states of being. And the Heart can be thought of as the human aspect where  animal and spirit meet.



Chakra Celebration -

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