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Bladder Prolapse

I am happy to tell you, that after only one healing there is quite a lot of improvement with the prolapse. It's at least 50% better - something I just couldn’t have imagined would happen! I can now walk and pick things up without pain.

Sue  (retired) UK




Over the years I have consulted Marc Blausten, a number of times, for Hands on Energy Healing. My complaints have been varied in their nature, yet every healing has been profoundly deep, effective and transformative. I have gotten to know Marc a little over this time and I am continually impressed by the unswerving commitment he shows towards the healing arts and his passion to learn more.

Recently I have been dealing with a particularly stubborn hormonal complaint. Neither Orthodox medicine nor Herbal medicine were doing much to solve the problem, yet when I consulted Marc for Homeopathy and Healing the results were almost immediate. I am absolutely delighted that the my health has made such a vast improvement in such a short space of time. I would highly recommend Marc for both Homeopathic treatment and Hands-on Energy Healing.

Claire  (medical herbalist) Scotland



Chronic Back Pain

Thank you for the profoundly beautiful  healing session!

It was a very physically transformative experience...the rejuvenation of my basic structure seemed to start in my lumbar/pelvic zone, then down my legs, and huge relief in my ankles. Then balanced my pelvis which highlighted how out of kilter  I had been. Lots of jiggling in my legs as they adjusted to their new alignment.

I felt like I was suspended in space as the work progressed, allowing me the freedom to move and stretch to accommodate the changes as they unfolded. 

The work then went up my right side, it felt a bit strange as everything on this side seemed a lot larger than my left side. It quickly balanced out when I felt hands manipulating and pulling out a lot of stuck stuff from my lumbar and thoracic areas. It felt amazingly freeing and I found myself moving in all directions easily and lightly even as I was lying on the massage table. As if I was dancing in a totally uninhibited way, with no feelings of any of the constraints I had become accustomed to.

I was stretching my arms out with freedom and ease and revelling in my new found pain-free range of movement.

The new balanced being I had become felt such blissful joyfullness, the huge inner smile became a happy carefree laughter rippling through me.

I feel positive and empowered in my body...it again feels like my precious temple.

Thank you for the way you do your wonderful work....I experienced it as if we were in the same room.

Mary  (gardener) Australia




In my feeling, a major shift has happened. I feel more silent inside and peaceful. All negativity (depression, despair, feeling of rejection, isolated, being left alone, anger and fears) that was constantly arising is gone, as if was washed clean, swept away from my system. From that I'm amazed. There's no need even to fight dark thoughts or emotions and constantly renouncing - as there are none! I felt as if something had been moved away, left me.. allowing my inner light to expand suddenly much more, and as if my whole inner state has opened up.

Sivan  (acupuncturist) Israel 



Kidney Problems

Marc is a very powerful healer, yet surprisingly humble. He has helped me tremendously during a period when I suffered from chronic kidney problems. Not only did he help me with my health, but also with manifesting my dreams: move to the USA, marry and have children.

He has several times helped identify the source of my energy blocks and heal them, so that I could move forward with my life instead of being stuck. His advise often also surprisingly simple, be it a homeopathic remedy, or some lifestyle advise, yet they are powerful enough to put you on the right track and avoid unnecessary suffering.

He is a very gentle and caring healer. During a session you may feel nothing, but then, all of a sudden, you may see your problems start dissipating.

I highly recommend Marc as a top healer, who is as powerful in person as in distant healing. He is the real deal!

Sonia  (university lecturer) New York, USA


Post Traumatic Stress

Since working with Marc via distance healing, I have experienced some big shifts. There was an almost miraculous result after our fourth session. After almost 10 years of being housebound due to PTSD, I went out into the world three weekends in a row, with renewed confidence and sense of purpose.

My outlook and mindset have improved enormously in such a short space of time. I feel much more clear and grounded in my reactions. I have more stamina around anxiety-triggering things, and an increased sense of positivity, self-regulation, self-definition and hope. I have a way to go yet, but for anyone wondering whether distance healing works, I would say without hesitation, that it is incredibly powerful. Despite the fact that this seems to defy reason, it works.

Helen  (web designer) UK



Anxiety Attacks

I met Marc Blausten some years ago during one of his Energy Healing courses. It was a deep journey and his guidance and teaching have been, and still are, of great value.

I was in a strong moment of my life, and I asked Marc for individual sessions. As I live in Italy and he lives in England we do the sessions through Skype. How powerful and deep are these sessions!

I was suffering from with symptoms like heart flickering, anxiety, panic, bad sleeping, nausea, dizziness.

During these months I had to face the fear of death, the fear of diseases, fear of everything. No more trust, no more self-esteem etc, etc... the list would be very long. Body trembling because of old trauma's memories.

So receiving the healing sessions from Marc, and working on energetic level quickly resolved my symptoms. And in addition more consciousness arises. This time gave space to the grief of my father's death, which happened almost 20 years ago, an opportunity to complete.

After the healing I felt more present, more energetic, more rooted. A couple of days later the homeopathic remedies arrived in the post, and within a few days there was no more nausea or dizziness, I was sleeping through the night, and the heart flickering was 80% better.

What I value is the depth of these sessions. First part of the session is  through sharing about the issue to work with, and the second part is the healing. What I notice is the quick awakening of part of myself - and also the completeness of the healing through body, mind and spirit.

Full of gratitude for the care, the attention, the love, the depth, the capacity to listen, to embrace, the presence.

Nirava  (dance teacher) Italy



Emotional Healing

Wow ... so powerful. I definitely feel a big difference in my body and life experience. Much more energy flows in a natural way through my body.

During the session there were a few times when spontaneous shouts came out from my throat without me doing it. I felt a lot of emotions were released.

Zohara - Israel



Anxiety and Heart

I had a few Skype and distance healing sessions with Marc. I was a little hesitant as to whether the distance healing would work for me but it was powerful and deep. The talking part was supportive and insightful and the homeopathic remedies given were precise and effective. Marc's professional support was invaluable to me during a difficult time, and really helped me get through it and back into balance.

Will  (retired) UK



Emotional Healing

Marc has been one of my teachers in healing, and guided me in deep transformational sessions. I will be always grateful for the presence and the pure connection. It has been a great gift for my life and my soul having met him.

Pasqualina  (designer) Italy



Depression and Anxiety

I felt icy cold the whole way through - even though I had a duvet on!

I also had a sense that a river of cleansing and light and healing energy was springing up in the upper half of my body (especially brain and heart), and that eventually it would reach my belly.

After the healing a change I noticed is that a new 'voice' or aspect of me has come to the fore. It's a godmother/wise sage voice, and the balance is starting to tip in its favour compared to the fear. I have had a few moments in which the fear and anxiety start to stir, but this other aspect overrides them. Now I am confident enough to know that no matter what happens I can deal with it. I look forward to consolidating it and growing into it more and more.

Sarah  - Ireland



Chronic Headaches

Both your hands-on and remote treatments have hit the spot. Its fascinating how distance doesn't diminish the effect of the healing. Rebirth would not be an overstatement!

Henry (artist) - USA




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