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Marc is one of the best healers I've ever had the privilege to work with. He is a man of great integrity, deep compassion and sharp intuition. I've just completed 3 healing sessions with Marc in which we went very deep. The pain and physical symptoms that have plagued me for the last 2 years have dissipated. My life and health have been utterly transformed by his healing, homeopathy and support. I'm left feeling peaceful, safe, confident and filled with joy. Amazing! 

Jan - administrator 



Marc is a very welcoming, kind and calm person, with an incredible level of experience. His knowledge of the human body, mind and spirit is vast, and he can piece together a very accurate picture of symptoms, causes and effects when it comes to healing the body.

By combining energy healing and homeopathy, he has helped me to make further progress healing some chronic illnesses I've been diagnosed with over the years. His methods are completely non toxic to the body and work with the body's natural healing systems.

If you have chronic pain, psychological symptoms or other imbalances, it's a safe bet Marc will let you know why and work with you compassionately.

Liam - personal trainer



Marc you worked a miracle yesterday! My right leg is straight for the first time in 41 years and lying in union with my left leg. I still have the dropped foot, but the alignment will certainly take the pain and strain from my body. I cannot thank you enough.

Theresa - retired



I have worked with Marc over many sessions and I cannot recommend his work highly enough. He has balanced me in many ways with his powerful healing techniques, and his work has helped me overcome some real issues in my life. I can safely say that he has changed my life in very positive ways, and anyone receiving healing through Marc is truly blessed. He is a deeply connected and intuitive healer and the energy work that he does is astonishingly powerful. I would recommend his healing and homeopathy services to anyone.

Holland Risley - IT executive



Marc first appeared in my life in 1999 and was an incredible help and inspiration during a very difficult time. Working with him as a healer also led me to study with him at the School of Energy Healing. I started having healing with him again 12 months ago and have greatly benefited from working with him again. Marc is a very genuine and compassion healer who I would recommend to anyone looking to work with energy healing and homeopathy.

Jonathan - musician



I’ve just walked my dog further than I've been able to for a very long time because I was free of the lower body pain that usually makes it so difficult.  I love walking so it’s made a massive difference. I’m very grateful to you.

Janet - business owner



I have always felt safe with Marc. He is very humble and down-to-earth and I felt comfortable with him from the first session. I experienced very tangible sensations and movements during the session, and had powerful emotional releases in all of our sessions. He held the space perfectly, and I never felt judged, he was always compassionate, but also had very good boundaries. Twice when I had been having particularly strong back-pain, this pain was relieved during and after the session. I have seen many healers, but I would say that Marc is the most gifted, experienced and powerful healer I have been to.

Miriam - artist



In healing sessions with Marc I felt the tightness and contraction in my body release. I felt calm and relaxed as my nervous system reset to a more balanced energy. Treatments were nourishing and soothing with shifts happening on many levels.

Maia - administrator



Marc is a very gifted Energy Healer and Homeopath. I have experienced deep healing and expansion as a result of his expertise, experience and skills. He is also a warm and compassionate person with an openness that is rare.

Penelope - homeopath



I felt that the healing I received through Marc was very powerful, it shifted trauma from my body and mind. I am extremely grateful.

Paula - yoga teacher



Marc is a very grounded and powerful healer. My experience was nothing short of amazing. I recommend that you see this man if you have any long term health issues.




Marc was highly recommended by a leading health practitioner when I was going through a very difficult time, battling various long-standing health issues as well as bereavement. Marc is a truly gifted healer - insightful, sympathetic and sensitive.

The healing is very powerful and has profound, positive effects on all levels. I feel powerful energies during the healing and immediate improvement afterwards (physically, mentally and emotionally) as well as positive cumulative effects over time.




Each session with Marc begins with a chat around how I feel and what I need, following by the healing session. 

I found the initial talking very, very helpful to understand my pain better. Marc was very good in asking deep questions and in leading me to feel what I have not felt before. 

After the healing session, he would share his experience through email which was again very helpful for me in order to connect to different parts of my body and becoming more sensitive to energy.

Leela - teacher



Each session has felt liberating and empowering on the different challenges I have been facing. I strongly recommend him - he is a gentle, kind-hearted listener and an amazingly gifted healer.

Sabrina - student



Marc has been integral to some deep healing that has enabled me to work through significant barriers in my ability to connect with myself and perceive my reality from a grounded, curious and love-filled place. Energy Medicine for me has been key to major shifts and I'll always be grateful to Marc for our work. 

Zara - student



Very compassionate and knowledgeable healer.

Debra - business owner


Really enjoyed and benefited from all my sessions thus far with Marc. Definitely recommended ! pastedGraphic.png

Sarah - carer



I have been so lucky to find Marc, his energy healing work has changed the way I feel in a profound way.

Katie - artist & yoga teacher



Marc has been integral to some deep healing that has enabled me to work through significant barriers in my ability to connect with myself and perceive my reality from a grounded, curious and love-filled place. Energy medicine for me has been key to major shifts and I'll always be grateful to Marc for our work. 

Jana - student




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