What is Energy Healing?


This is an Introduction to Energy Healing. There is rapidly growing scientific understanding of the phenomena of the both a Universal and personal Energy Field. This is like a blueprint for the form physical matter will take. Our personal energy field, or Aura, holds the information that determines the condition of our body and mind.


Our energy field can become depleted, blocked, and go out of balance due to the stressful events of life. Energy Healing uses a variety of techniques to clean and repair our ‘blueprint’ such that we can then create a state of health and wellbeing.


Energy Healing provides an opportunity to peel back the layers of our life history, to reveal our natural health and vitality. This is done by tracing the root cause of our issues back through the physical and emotional symptoms to the origins in our personal story. We are then able to release these stuck patterns and liberate our vital energy for self healing and realisation.


Our natural flow of energy always moves towards perfect health and well-being. However, when faced with difficulties in our life which we find too painful to accept, we tend to hold this unresolved energy in our aura. This creates blockages in our energy field which inhibits the flow of energy. This leads to a depletion in vitality, and eventually to ill-health, pain and suffering.


With the assistance of the hands-on skills of an Energy Healer, we can be guided into bringing these blockages to light and release them. This enables healing on all levels including physical health, emotional well-being, relationships and spiritual realisation.


The healer may also guide the client in a process of inner inquiry as to the cause of their condition. This takes the healing deeper and encourages the client in creating their own health and wellbeing.



How does Energy Healing work?


From the perspective of an Energy Healer, all physical manifestation exists first as an energy pattern, or 'blueprint'. This is true for everything from atoms to galaxies. Our energy field, or aura, is the blueprint from which we are constantly creating our bodies and experiences. This includes our state of health and wellbeing.


It is much easier to effect change in the energy field than in the physical body. So when positive changes are made in the energy field, this changes the pattern from which we are creating ourselves. So then our physical bodies tend to follow, and be recreated in a new, healthier form.



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Extraction - Infusion - Alignment


There are three main objectives in Energy Healing - Extraction, Infusion and Alignment.

Different schools and traditions will have various different styles and techniques, but they are all basically ways of achieving one of these three.


EXTRACTION for cleaning, and can be done on any of the levels of the Energy Field. This includes the cleaning of; Etheric Body (chakras, meridians, organs), Emotional Wounds, Relationship Cords and Astral Paracites.


INFUSION is channelling clean, high vibrational energy into the other person's aura. This fills us with love, light and consciousness into those places that have become disconnected. Reminding us that we are always loved no matter what. This also has the effect of flushing away lower vibrational, toxic energy.


ALIGNMENT works more on the structured levels of the energy field. When we are in alignment we are fully grounded in the Earth, expanded in our hearts, and connected to Source. Healing techniques that help with this are Auric Surgery, Spine Regeneration and Intention Alignment.



Awareness - Release - Integration


The healing process happens in waves. Each wave goes through a cycle of Awareness, Release and Integration.


AWARENESS occurs during a healing session when feelings, images or ideas arise in consciousness. With the help of a healer, this process can be guided to journey down into the cellular memory of the original event or wounding.


RELEASE is letting go of old stuck energy. This is commonly in the form of physical toxins, unexpressed painful emotions, old pains and memories. The release can happen in a subtle breath, or could be cathartic and dramatic depending on what is needed.


INTEGRATION is the final and very important part of the process. This is filling in the empty space that has been created in the energy field by the release, with fresh healthy vital energy. Love, light and gratitude. This is often when the realisations, understandings and teachings arrive.


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