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Reconnect Magazine # 55

This is an article I wrote for RECONNECT MAGAZINE in June 2018.

Hara Healing – also known as Intention Alignment – is an Energy Healing technique to align our ego self with the intentions of our Higher Self. The effects of this can be profound as we align with our life purpose.


Intention is Everything

Intention is everything. It is the direction in which we focus our life energy.

Our Intention underlies all of our life experience. Everything that we experience is because that is what we have intended – on either a conscious or unconscious level. We have both positive, creative intentions – and negative, destructive ones.

Barbara Brennan (author of ‘Hands of Light’) refers to an aspect of the Energy Field that correlates to our Intention. She calls this the ‘Hara Line’ or ‘Intention Line’. She says that it forms at conception, and holds the patterns of our life purpose. 



The Hara Line

There are three energy centres along the Hara Line;

The ID POINT, or point of individuation, is about half a meter above our heads and connects up to Source. It is the funnel through which the Soul travels to become incarnated into a physical body. This begins the experience of separation from Source, and the adventures of life that lie on the return journey.

The SOUL SEAT is in the upper chest, and holds the longing which pulls us along our life path. Like the lamp that lights the way – it is bright or dim according to the degree that we are in alignment with our Soul’s purpose.

The TAN TIEN is in the lower belly, and connects down to the core of the planet. It is the rechargeable battery of vital energy that animates our physical body. The seat of our personal power, and the ability to be creative in the world. People who are ‘full of life’ have a strong Hara.



health hara - www.healingandhomeopathy.com

Healthy Hara Line




We are in Integrity when our ego self is surrendered to our soul’s purpose. Then we are  fulfilling our destiny, and life becomes effortless and joyful. 

However when we experience the wounds of life it is normal to set up patterns of defence. These manifest as distortions in the energy field and pull us out of alignment. 

There is often a confusion between Intention and Willpower. It is possible to use our willpower to manifest something in life. We can put effort into getting what we want, however this comes from the ego self and will cause further distortion.



Finding Our Life Purpose

Many people feel lost and without purpose in life. Particularly if our dreams or ambitions have been disappointed, then life can feel meaningless.

This is the experience of being out of alignment. We become lost in our story and unable to see the bigger picture. By coming back to centre and reconnecting to Source the way becomes clear again. We become able to tap into the resources that lead to a fulfilling life.



Intention Alignment or Hara Healing

Our Intention Line holds all of the information that we need to be able to manifest our soul’s longing. The Soul’s longing is always to heal the illusion of separation and return to Source. The raindrop returning to the ocean.

Intention Alignment, or Hara Healing, is an Energy Healing technique to align our ego self with the intentions of our Higher Self. The effects of this can be profound as we align with our life purpose. 

To put it simply – it helps us to wake up out of the illusionary conflict of being a spirit in an animal body. We come more fully into integrity and embodiment.


Hara Healing - healingandhomeopathy.com

Hara Healing



Collective Intentions

When two or more people come together with a shared purpose a Collective Intention Line is formed. This happens for example when people marry, or make a business or creative project together. 

There is productive harmony when everyone’s Intention is aligned together, and conflict and struggle when out of alignment. This collective Intention Line can also  have energy work to bring into alignment. I have seen many marriages saved once the Intention Lines of both people are brought back together again.



group hara line - www.healingandhomeopathy.com

Group Hara Line





Marc Blausten has 30 years experience with Homeopathy and Energy Healing. He was clinical director at The College of Practical Homeopathy in the 90s, one of the first people in the UK to graduate from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing ® (USA). Barbara is the author of the best selling book Hands of Light. Marc also founded The School of Energy Healing (UK)


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