Homeopathy Study at Bristol Hospital: a 6-year study of Homeopathic treatment of chronic disease


This is the results of a Homeopathy Study at Bristol Hospital.

One of the most comprehensive patient outcome surveys ever undertaken was an analysis of over 23,000 outpatient consultations at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital in Britain from November 1997 to October 2003.

This study included over 6,500 individual patients whose outcome was recorded at follow-up. More than 70% of these follow-up patients recorded clinical improvement following homeopathic treatment.



Homeopathy at Bristol Hospital




The aim of this study was to assess health changes seen in routine homeopathic care for patients with a wide range of chronic conditions who were referred to Bristol Hospital outpatient department.

This was an observational study of 6544 consecutive follow-up patients during a 6-year period.

Outcomes were based on scores on a 7-point Likert-type scale at the end of the consultation and were assessed as overall outcomes compared to the initial baseline assessments.



A total of 6544 consecutive follow-up patients were given outcome scores. Of the patients 70.7% (n = 4627) reported positive health changes, with 50.7% (n = 3318) recording their improvement as better (+2) or much better (+3).



Homeopathic intervention offered positive health changes to a substantial proportion of a large cohort of patients with a wide range of chronic diseases. Additional observational research, including studies using different designs, is necessary for further research development in homeopathy.



If you would like to read the full study, plus others about homeopathy being used within the hospital environment please see National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine.


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Marc Blausten has 30 years experience with Homeopathy and Energy Healing. He was clinical director at The College of Practical Homeopathy in the 90s, one of the first people in the UK to graduate from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing ® (USA). Barbara is the author of the best selling book Hands of Light. Marc also founded The School of Energy Healing (UK)



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