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Marc is a very knowledgeable homeopath and healer. He has helped me through significant transformations in my life and has always advised me with integrity and respect.

Dr Agnies Calkoen - GP


Marc has been really welcoming & an integral part of my healing journey. The remedies have been successful and I have every faith in the important work Marc provides. I would absolutely recommend him.🙏🏻

Beth - self employed


I have had several sessions with Marc. His work is often very gentle and subtle, yet profoundly deep and transformative. He is clearly skilled and long time practiced. When the healing is coupled with homeopathy, the results were quite astonishingly visible as my body rid itself of toxins, both energetically and physically. I had been sceptical about homeopathy until working with Marc. His ability to tune into my needs was quite remarkable. This experience convinced me of the healing potential of this amazing medicine.

Luka - massage therapist


Hormones and Chronic Pain

I have been working with Marc to address a health issue which has involved hormone imbalance and periods of chronic pain. As well as taking the homeopathic remedies Marc has recommended, the process has involved identifying, understanding and releasing the reasons why my health issue has occurred.

It has been a hugely challenging but incredibly empowering experience so far and Marc’s vast experience of homeopathy and healing techniques have allowed me to trust in the process. I have had a significant improvement in my physical and emotional well-being since working with Marc including the return of my menstrual cycle which had almost disappeared. I feel stronger than ever, and know my health will continue to improve.

Sarah - teacher


I started seeing Marc for Homeopathy advice and Energy Healing. His understanding and advice around the issues I have been experiencing have been profound. I consistently felt energised and encouraged following our sessions.

Tamson - psychologist


The remedies have been a great success! He (3 year old boy) is now sleeping through the night and no longer keeping the whole family awake all night. 

Rawley - event manager


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