Qi Gong


Medical Qi Gong is an art and science of developing health and consciousness which has been refined over thousands of years. It is a very thorough journey through the body (organs, meridians, glands) to clean, energise and balance our entire system. It is also a practice of meditation that uses the foundation of a healthy body to expand into transcendent states of consciousness and presence.


The secret is in coordinating the body, breath and mind into the present moment. The body in the correct posture, the mind empty, and the Chi energy flowing with the breath. Practicing Qi Gong creates an expanded state in which we have access to the infinite source of vital energy to heal our bodies, balance our emotions and connect with our Inner Knowing and spiritual nature.


I have also found that it is the best method of training for an energy worker, as it focusses on grounding and the flow of energy through the hands. It is also very easy and accessible to all, without any athletic ability required. In a large study in China it was found that hospital patients recovered from heart surgery 3 times quicker by doing a simple Qi Gong exercise while still lying in bed!




Qi Gong - Body Meridians




Training Program

The training program has become refined into a series of 8 weekend workshops.


1      Opening & Cleansing

- Stretching, Tapping, Shaking

- Abdominal Breathing

- Wu Chi standing posture


2      Organ Regeneration

- Working with the 5 Elements and the corresponding organs

- Self healing with Colour and Sound


3      Standing Meditation 

- Putting roots into the ground

- 5 classic standing postures

- Intention Alignment of Hara, Soul Seat and Nomad.


4      Spontaneous Movement

- Releasing energy blockages

- Liberating the body and mind

Qi Gong



5      Pranayama

- The Science of Breath


6      Dissolving

- Journeying through the Secondary Energy Centres


7      Microcosmic Orbit

- Circulating Vital Energy around the major Meridians


8      Tantric Yoga

- Transmutation of Sexual Energy into Higher Consciousness



The journey continues…..


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