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Energy Dynamics in Relationships


Reconnect Magazine # 54


This is an article I wrote for RECONNECT MAGAZINE in March 2018.


THERE are four basic ways in which we interact and exchange energy with another person, explains Energy Healer and Homeopath Marc Blausten.

These are Push, Pull, Stop or Allow. Following on from the article Healing Relationship Cords in the last issue, Marc shares his insights into Energy Dynamics in Relationships


In most situations, our ego self will try to find ways to control a relationship in an attempt to keep our wounds safe. Push, Pull and Stop are the different forms of defence that our ego uses. “Allow” is an undefended place.


Relationship Dynamics -

Relationship Dynamics


Pushing our energy onto someone else has the effect of trying to dominate or overwhelm them. Being ‘on top’ and in control. It is competitive and comes from a need to be better, cleverer, stronger, quicker. The belief is that best form of defence is attack. Pushing energy is what happens when we are intimidating or aggressive.


Pulling energy is an attempt to control through manipulation. Sucking on the energy of the other person by being needy, or trying to get sympathy or support. Playing the part of the underdog or disadvantaged. Being ‘less than’ and childlike in order to evoke the protection of the other person.


Stopping the flow of energy between people is a way to defend ourselves by putting up a block and disconnecting. It is like folding your arms and turning your back, or retreating into a cave. We are safe when we are separate, but it can be a lonely place.


All of these modes of defence will, in turn, evoke a defensive response from another person. A push could get a push back, or a pull might get a stop in response.


However the fourth way of exchanging energy is by being in Allow. This is when there is no attempt to control the energy, allowing things to simply be as they are. There is no judgement, and everyone is seen as being lovable. When we are undefended we encourage the people around us to be undefended too, as they feel safe. This is the place that a healer holds as they must be undefended to allow the healing energy to come through.



Marc Blausten has 30 years experience with Homeopathy and Energy Healing. He was clinical director at The College of Practical Homeopathy in the 90s, one of the first people in the UK to graduate from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing ® (USA) and was founder of The School of Energy Healing (UK)



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