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What is Energy Healing ?

SW Connections Magazine # 110


This is an article I wrote for SW CONNECTIONS MAGAZINE in December 2017.


There is an increasing scientific understanding of how all physical matter takes it’s form according to an energetic pattern or matrix.  The Human Energy Field, or Aura, is the energetic ‘blueprint’ out of which our body takes it form.  It holds a vast amount of information including the make up of our personality, as well as our state of health and wellbeing.


Everything that we have ever experienced is recorded in our Energy Field. Both positive and negative life events create patterns in us that can lead to repeating thoughts, feelings and experiences.  This is especially true of traumatic or difficult events which leave damage and emotional toxicity in the Aura.


Using Energy Healing it is possible to bypass the conscious mind, and work directly with the Human Energy Field.  As our energy is much more malleable than either our physical body or rational mind, it’s much easier to effect a positive change at this level.  When these patterns, or blueprints, are healed, then the body and mind will come into a healthier version.



The Healing Process

There are generally three parts to the healing process:


1          Cleaning

Repressed emotional energy can cause blockages in the energy field.  The physical body then copies this, and toxins are deposited in the corresponding organs or parts of the body.  These toxins can be cleared out of the system with Energy Healing.  This can be a subtle process, or can be dramatic and cathartic.


2          Alignment

The weight of our past can cause our Energy Field to get pulled out of alignment, or to develop tears and leaks.  This damage can be repaired, and structured aspects of the Aura re-aligned to bring balance.


3          Integration

To complete the healing process we need to fill up with healthy, nurturing, vital energy.  This energy is generally taken from the Earth, or Celestial realms, or archetypes of Love and Compassion.



The Chakras


Energy Healing works primarily through the chakras.  These are part of the Energy Field that are our means of communicating and relating with the world.  Every interaction that we have – whether it is with another person, animal, plant or even an inanimate object – involves an exchange of energy that happens through the chakras.  This is how we receive energy from the people and environment around us, and how we express our energy out to the world.


Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word which means ‘spinning wheel of light’.  These have a vortex shape that looks like water going down a plughole, with the tip of the funnel shape pointing towards the body.  The word is generally associated with the seven major chakras along the spine that hold different aspects of consciousness and personality, but there are many other minor chakras all over the body.  There are chakras at every joint, orifice and acupuncture point.


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The Chakras



The Chakras are living, breathing, responsive, colour changing and interactive.  They are not really either ‘open’ or ‘closed’, but in a constant state of dynamic flux and change, expanding and contracting as we respond to our perceptions of the world around us.  If a chakra was really ‘closed’ then the associated body organ would fail and we would be in a critical condition.  For instance a closed heart chakra could lead to a heart attack.


However there can be restrictions to the flow of energy through a chakra due to deposits of old emotional energy, or patterns of tension and constriction.  This results in other chakras having to compensate and do more work.  In this way the whole system can become unbalanced and stressed.


Each chakra has a series of screens or filters that digest the ‘raw’ energy that we receive into a form that is healthy for us.  You could also say that this is our protection or line of defence – part of the immune system.  Due to various events that have happened in our life these screens can become torn or damaged. 


This can result in too much energy coming into our system so that we become overwhelmed.  This is typical of someone who is very sensitive.  So for example if the Solar Plexus chakra was damaged it could result in food intolerance and digestive problems, or the throat chakra to thyroid issues.


Another effect of a damaged chakra is to leak our energy so that we can become depleted.  This means that the physical body becomes lacking in vitality and under functions.  So a struggling Sacral Chakra could lead to kidney or prostate problems.


Energy Healing uses a variety of techniques to repair, balance and energise the chakras.  In this way we can heal the wounds of the past, and become fully present to our health and vitality.


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Energy Healing Session




Energy Healing Techniques

Here is a brief overview of the main Energy Healing techniques.


Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

This is an in depth clean and re-tune of the entire chakra system.  It works through all of the layers of the Energy Field to identify and clear blockages, and renew with healthy vibrant energy.


Emotional Healing

We all carry the stagnant energy of unprocessed emotions and traumas from our past.  This causes us to live in repeating patterns of illusion and separation.  By clearing this old stagnant energy we can be liberated to live in the present time.


Relationship Cord Healing

Healing unresolved issues from past relationships.  Includes healing of formative relationships from childhood with parents and siblings.  These are the patterns which tend to play out for the rest of our lives in our current relationships.  With Relationship Cord Healing we can be free from the habits of projection and transference.


Soul Retrieval & Inner Child

Most of our beliefs about the world, and therefore how we experience it, are created when we were children.  The childish conclusions that we make about the world have a very big impact on the rest of our lives.  For example a belief of ‘I’m not safe’ can lead to chronic anxiety and illness as an adult.  The forgotten or lost parts of ourself can be reclaimed by going through a journey back to the key formative events of the past to bring healing and resolution.


Auric Surgery

This is a way to repair the damage in the structured parts of the energy field caused by traumas, injuries, operations etc.  Auric Surgery repairs and ‘combs’ into place the lines of light that make up the structured levels of the energy field.


Hara Healing

Once our ‘ego self’ is in alignment with our ‘higher self’ our life purpose naturally unfolds.  Works deeply into the spine, and also helps to correct posture.


Distance Healing

All of these healing techniques can be done effectively at a distance to anywhere in the world.



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Marc Blausten has 30 years experience with Homeopathy and Energy Healing. He was clinical director at The College of Practical Homeopathy in the 90s, one of the first people in the UK to graduate from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing ® (USA). Barbara is the author of the best selling book Hands of Light. Marc also founded The School of Energy Healing (UK)


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