What to Expect from a Session


People often ask what to expect from a healing session.

The time is typically in three parts.


1    Case History

We talk about all areas of life to see how the multiple factors have culminated in the present condition. Personal History, Lifestyle, Emotional Stress and Mental Attitude all play a part. Like a medical detective picking up clues, a treatment plan is then individually designed to achieve the best results.

This is a time for talking about what is troubling you, and for gaining an understanding of how you arrived in this condition. This is a time for questions, exploration and realisations. The first consultation involves a longer talking time to take a full case history and initial analysis.


2      Energy Healing Treatment

This involves lying fully clothed on a massage table, with the healer’s hands placed on various energy points of the body. A wide variety of techniques can come into a session, the combination of which is alway unique.

The primary work is cleaning the accumulation of physical and emotional toxins which build up over time to create blockages in the flow of our vital energy. Another important part of the healing process is repairing damage to the structured levels of the energy field. Healing the 'scars' from traumatic experiences. Sometimes there are tangible experiences like tingling, heat or visions. It is common to go into states of deep relaxation.


3      Homeopathic and Naturopathic Medicines

This includes a full explanation about the remedies prescribed, alongside of any other health advise and guidance.



Sessions are usually once every 2-4 weeks.

It is recommended to have an initial series of three sessions.



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Energy Healing Session


Treating the Cause

All aspects of health and wellbeing are taken into consideration. From lifestyle and family history, to emotional stress and personality traits.


The deepest treatment comes when we can trace the cause of a problem back in time, and make the connections between stress factors in life and the onset of illness or difficulties.


Being healthy and full of vitality is our natural state. In our natural state the body and psyche are constantly healing and regenerating from within to keep us alive and healthy.


I believe that most illness is caused by an accumulation of physical toxins, and the effects of unresolved emotional stress. This causes our natural healing process to become blocked, and we develop symptoms of pain and dis-ease.


The majority of the work is in clearing this physical and emotional toxic load, and then re-aligning the system. Then, as our levels of vitality naturally increase, our ability to heal ourselves returns.



How Many Sessions?

A course of treatment commonly involves working through various ‘layers’ of personal history over a period of some months. Generally speaking, the more recent is the onset of a condition the easier it is to heal, while a more long term situation will take longer.


An initial series of three sessions is recommended. After that we can re-assess the situation to see if further sessions are required. There is normally two to four weeks between appointments.



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